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So what was I preparing for our next message: What am I like when I am alone?

To start, lonely and alone are not the same. Lonely can be seen as negative for an individual. Alone can be seen as when a person relies on themselves for most things even with a community around them. The feelings affect a person differently. The circumstances, whether lost loved ones, distant relatives, feeling stagnant in life, or being in a new place. Both affect the mental and emotional health of an individual, which cannot be underestimated. The coronavirus has enhanced these aspects for some with isolation or a loss of some joys one might have had with others previously.

Through this period we are each learning and growing. For some of us, that is supporting our communities differently through carry out or shipped orders, supporting our relationships differently through careful communication, understanding, and care, supporting our own wellbeing differently through a focused routine or new joys we had once forgotten (springtime flowers, anyone?). Whatever it might be for you,

May you be happy,

May you be healthy,

May you be free for suffering.

You are never (and never is for a long time!) alone. You are one of your biggest supporters to reach out for what you need. Start with you and the rest will follow. Ask for help if you need it. Though there have been shifts in our efforts to make the world a better place and we all have our own struggles, there are folks available to help.

I'm here. I care. Together we will be successful.

Let us not forget the uniqueness in our differences and appreciate those in all we meet.


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