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February 2024 - celebrate the 29th and extra time

Happy leap day!  Celebrating the end of the month and this special day as a bit extra time today.  I hope you have been enjoying 2024.  The last month has included many great things.  The Westclox Wellness and Metaphysical Fair went well for the second year and we even had some talks virtually!  It was truly an exciting event.

There are more things you’re welcome to join in on this upcoming month!  The community is growing and we’d enjoy having you there.

Book club books are in for our next book and some have already been delivered.  We are currently reading our new book for February by Lysa Terkeurst and will be reading a local to Peru, IL author next!  You’re welcome to join along in person or virtually.  Just send me a message to join.

March 9th and March 23rd are ayurveda classes with IVCC.  The one on the 9th Introduction to Ayurveda is virtual.  You’re welcome to log on and join the class from home or afar as well.  The second class is a cooking class, which is in person.  However, we do have another clean eating week coming up with the Spring Equinox coming up.

We will be celebrating the Spring equinox on March 24th!  All are welcome to practice with us in person and virtually.  This is a donation-based event where the group decides where the donation goes to.  It is also a wonderful way to prepare for the change in season and greet it by keeping our internal heat for working through kapha season.

April will bring more enjoyment though we can live in the now for this leap day!  For meditation (gold!) you’re welcome to use these questions if you’d like:

-          What things bring awe internally or sense of peace internally and bring pause to life?

-          What makes a sense of bliss and timelessness for me or others?

The class schedule is below.  I do offer individual classes for yoga, wellness counseling, or ayurvedic therapies by reaching out to me to determine a scheduled time.

Monday Mendota YMCA at 6:30 pm

Tuesday Starved Rock Crossfit Peru 6:30 pm

Wednesday Peru YMCA 6:30 pm

Thursday Nells Woodlands Ottawa 5:45 pm

Saturday Peru YMCA 7:30 am and TANA on the second Saturday of the month (in March the third Saturday) at 9 am

As always, Enjoy and Encourage will be sending out event updates and supporting going to the events together, and you’re welcome to send any book suggestions to me for the book club.  Enjoy and Encourage is open to expanding.  We are offering support to be a part of E&E or a champion in other states or locations.  Please send me an email if this is something you’d like to start in your area or do more of in the community for the guidance to start.

In all things love, with love, as love, always love,



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