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June 2024 Community

What is a community and how do we grow together working to improve?  We start with ourselves.  Improving every day is a choice.  Celebrating the small wins and continuing to truly make the best of each day allows room and freedom to grow.  When we have the freedom and the room for growth the potential outcomes for the future increase.

Book club started another new book.  We are truly enjoying the evening discussions.  You’re welcome to join along in person or virtually.  Just send me a message to join.  We also started a book club group to allow collaboration through MBody NMind Yoga on Facebook.  Feel free to join and enjoy the conversations going on there.

Here in Illinois there has already been a shift to warmer weather and flowers are blooming.  The seeds have been planted in the fields as well.  There’s already greener land along the highways and on the horizon beneath the skies.  May you truly enjoy the connection to mother nature and the beauty of life brought to us.  In addition, a way to create additional motivation for a clean and healthy environment to maintain the abundance provided by mother nature.

Global trends are still showing warmer days.  Even with the length of our lives increasing.  As we continue to grow and work on our legacy of life while our purpose unfolds, for meditation, you’re welcome to use the question below.:

-          What sparks your internal light and how can we light that spark for others?

The class schedule is below.  I do offer individual classes for yoga, wellness counseling, or ayurvedic therapies by reaching out to me to determine a scheduled time.  We have a few new additions for classes and also opportunities for cellular healing with a new bio-technology device.

Monday Mendota YMCA at 6:30 pm

Tuesday Peru YMCA Aqua Yoga 5:30 pm

Tuesday Starved Rock CrossFit Peru 6:30 pm

Wednesday Peru YMCA 6:30 pm

Thursday Nells Woodlands Ottawa 5:45 pm

Friday TANA 5 pm coming this week

Saturday Peru YMCA 7:30 am and TANA on the second Saturday of the month at 9 am

As always, Enjoy and Encourage will be sending out event updates and supporting going to the events together, and you’re welcome to send any book suggestions to me for the book club.  Enjoy and Encourage is open to expanding.  We are offering support to be a part of E&E or a champion in other states or locations.  Please send me an email if this is something you’d like to start in your area or do more of in the community for the guidance to start.

In all things love, with love, as love, always love,


p.s. I have some more free time right now, so it is a good time to schedule individual consultations or classes as well.


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