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October 2022

Happy October! The leaves are changing, and the weather is cooling even more. As we shift into a more vata season with warm and cozy scenery and events to keep us warm. I hope you enjoy the warmer days we still have and the beauty of mother nature changing and adjusting. It has been something I have been going back to routinely over the last few months with the dancing leaves as the fall.

If you have someone you’d like to bring to class and they or you are unsure about it, let’s chat and maybe even have them chat with me beforehand too! Let’s continue to create a loving, peaceful and caring shared space together where all are welcome.

The Enjoy and Encourage (E&E) group hosted pumpkin picking and carving this month. There are more events coming up and all are welcome to join. Send me a message if you are interested in doing new things, encouraging others and enjoying time together off the mat.

We are in the final stages of our current book for the book club. If you’d like to join the book club on Monday evenings right after yoga class and/or have a book suggestion, please let me know. It is being hosted in person at the Mendota YMCA after Monday’s yoga class and virtually via Zoom and has generated many thoughtful conversations.

October’s contemplation is wonderful for recognizing being present: Is there something in my life that makes me forget time while I’m doing it? <3 In my experience these are the good moments where maybe even time is irrelevant.

In love, peace and joy,



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