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Light 2021

Here we are in early September of 2021. Things are opening more with the potential for the delta virus to move us into a new variation of covid mitigations though we are here and safe.

July was silent on my page and social media. Time passed. A new year around the sun started for me. There was some fun. There was some peace. There were many internal dialogues to continue my personal growth. Thank you all for joining in class and being there for the journey.

August brought on a start to the school year and all the summer activity we could fit in.

Now the path ahead is more clear. The summer sun still shines, the sun rises in beautiful colors and the sun sets in glorious shades blanketing the earth with light. Oh, beautiful light!

The thought of a bug moving towards the light is sometimes viewed as something the bug may not want to do. However, is it taking them to the next stage of their life, which could be even better when reached?

Are you going to choose to move towards the light?

Yoga classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday currently. During the week they are at 6:30 p.m.. All are welcome to join for each class. It is $10 no matter the venue if you are not a member of the gyms already.

A new Saturday class is happening at TANA yoga in Peru, IL. The first one was today at 9 and the

next one will be the 9th of October at 9 a.m.. All are welcome and can sign up online for class. If you are interested in pop up classes, please let me know as there have been a few on the weekends and Fridays.

The Saturday donation-based classes have come to an end and so far IVAR has been the leading place for donations. Individual sessions are still available as needed for folks too. Feel free to

email, call or text me for questions about class, feedback or the contemplation for this email.


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