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August and September 2022

How are did you enjoy your August and September? It has been a bit since the last email though many good things have been going on! Read on to learn more. Personally, I have been enjoying time with friends and family as well as getting in rest to be able to continue to do all the things I do. A few more days of rest to be my best for the journey ahead and together as humanity.

Individual classes and other pop up events are also occurring. Let me know if you’d like to try an individual class or have an idea for an upcoming yoga event. We had a wonderful fall equinox with 108 sun salutations, community and a potluck. We welcomed the change in weather with movement to warm the body including mentally and emotionally preparing by all 108 salutations.

Everyone is welcome to all the classes, so invite friends and family if you’d like. If you have someone you’d like to bring and they or you are unsure about it, let’s chat and maybe even have them chat with me beforehand too! Each time we practice we meet each other and ourselves on the mat together in a shared space. The community of support and practice together continues the bond off the mat to take the internal learnings and make sense of them in the external world.

The Enjoy and Encourage (E&E) group had another pool party, which ended up as a plants and storm event, in August, and they even cheered on the volleyball team for a game. A few have continued to cheer us on each week too! (Special thank you to those that have come!) There are more events coming up and all are welcome to join. Send me a message if you are interested in doing new things, encouraging others and enjoying time together off the mat. We had a special Halloween version as we have a Hocus Pocus Hag in the community. Hot air ballooning is coming up too! Book club has sustained thoughtful conversations through completion of the last book and started a great book with many inspiring thoughts this month. If you’d like to join the book club on Monday evenings right after yoga class and/or have a book suggestion, please let me know. It is being hosted in person at the Mendota YMCA after Monday’s yoga class and virtually via Zoom.

August and September’s contemplation included What would happen if I didn’t try to control my life? and What or who am I beneath all my roles?. Both are questions for great thought and may even lead to more questions like this: If we don’t control our lives are we making conscious decisions? Do we have free will to begin with? What then are the impacts of our decisions when they affect others? How does our intuition connect to our life’s outcome? Are there roles that define me? Is there definition in a title or designation by a name? Who am I? (Bringing up a previous question!) Wherever the thoughts may take you, may they lead you to peace and a remembrance of you connected to the divine, perfect as you are even as we each grow and learn through life.

Peace, joy and love, (plus hugs!)


p.s. much gratitude as we continue to practice and you all continue to join with me.

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