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July and early August 2022

This July, I again gave myself time. It’s a month of higher heat here in the Midwest of North America, and the start of another year around the sun for me. The time was because my wellbeing is worth it! It comes from the idea of holding peace within. Summer is slipping away to cooler days though the warmth of August is upon us. Bringing fresh berries and getting closer to harvest where we enjoy the fruit of our efforts and plant growth. Everyone is welcome to all the classes. We meet each other and ourselves on the mat together in a shared space of location whether physically or mentally in that space. The community of support and practice together continues the bond. The Enjoy and Encourage (E&E) group had multiple successful outings in July with more walks and concerts and even a pool party. There are more events coming up and all are welcome to join. Send me a message if you are interested in doing new things, encouraging others and enjoying time together with E&E folks. Book club has sustained thoughtful conversations through completion of the last book. If you’d like to join the book club on Monday evenings right after yoga class and/or have a book suggestion, please let me know. It is being hosted in person at the Mendota YMCA after Monday’s yoga class and virtually via Zoom. July’s contemplation was what would happen if I didn’t try to control my future?. This is an interesting experience to understand the coordination with the universe in working towards your best future. For me it was also a great reminder of the impact we have on others through our choices and actions. Everyone has something they are good at and bring to the table. It’s one of the reasons all are welcome to classes and events. All life is worthy of celebrating, encouraging and enjoying. In line with that question is What or Who am I beneath all my roles? Are the roles and labels we give ourselves and others truly who we are? Being authentic feels good for the soul. Peace, joy and love, Emily


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