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February 2022

February is sometimes spent on the thought of love. It is also Black History month. What does February bring about for you? Love can be shared at any time or any day as can respect for those around us no matter the history. This may be coming out on the 6th of March though many of you still were aware and practiced yoga as well as love and appreciation for black history during February.

For me, I’m reflecting a bit on where did time go and if excuses were helpful maybe a comical one would be did I miss the 29th to send this out?

Nonetheless we continue. Here as we are. The Enjoy and Encourage group has had multiple successful outings for learning and fun.

The Spring Equinox is also coming up. We will be practicing 108 sub salutations for the change in season on March 20th at 1 p.m. All are welcome to come join in the potluck and practice.

For contemplation: Am I living according to the expectations and dreams of others, or of my own? How do I distinguish them from each other?


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