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For this week's focus we can ponder the following question: What does 'being' mean to me?

Based on Webster's dictionary being means:

1 a: the quality or state of having existence

b(1): something that is conceivable and hence capable of existing

(2): something that actually exists

(3): the totality of existing things

c: conscious existence

2: the qualities that constitute an existent thing

3: a living thing as in sentient beings

So what does that mean to each of us? Are we one with the universe via our being? Is there more to existence than what is right here in front of us?

It's definitely a question with much to think about. What I hope we all know is how important each of us is as a being and what we are capable of creating for the betterment of the long term.

I wish you all well, hope to see you soon whether virtual or in person and may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be free from suffering.


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