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April 2022

April has come and gone, though the message from April leaves when the send button is hit. And tonight it was for the message from April with many rainy days and weather from cold to warm here in Illinois. It also brought a few changes for the class schedule and life as you’ll see below Thursday class is no longer offered, which started in May. Great work to those that made it through the first half of the six week beginner class before we closed Thursday classes. My work schedule took on a bit more time and making sure I could be fully present and available for each class became tough for me without at least that change. I appreciate the generous care and understanding shared with me as well.

Individual classes and other pop up events are also occurring. Let me know if you’d like to try an individual class or have an idea for an upcoming event.

The Enjoy and Encourage group has had multiple successful outings for learning and fun including the spring equinox celebration in March and helping with the I&M perfectly flawed foundation clean up in April. There are more events coming up and all are welcome to join. Send me a message if you are interested in doing new things, encouraging others and enjoying time together.

Book club has started a new book based on recommendations from the group. If you’d like to join the book club on Monday evenings and/or have a book suggestion, please let me know. It is being hosted in person and virtually via Zoom.

For contemplation after reading this or during your meditation: What are those things that make me feel good while I’m doing them? Hopefully, asana and meditation may be at least one of those things!

Peace, joy and love,


p.s. The Healthy Kids Day at the Mendota YMCA with Yoga was a success as well! There are some talented, strong and friendly kids striving to stay healthy. Thank you to the Peru YMCA for hosting.


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